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    Black Sand Studios

  • We believe in
    the ambition of our team

  • Who are highly talented developers
    from all over the world
    helping to develop this project

  • We're creating a Tactical
    Military Simulation Game

  • from gamers

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About Us

Why we are?

We have ambitions of being "Greenlight" on Steam (which will require significant public support) and possibly a Kickstarter program if we require funding of any sort i.e. game servers, outsourced modelers etc. The World at War development team are aiming to produce a high-quality, refined and visually impressive First Person Shooter.

Current mainstream and "Triple" FPS titles have left a market gap that the World at War team hopes to fill. We have watched and listened to a community alienated by big name titles and seek to bring back the essence of gaming; satisfaction, playability and player-developer communication. World at War is supported by simple game mechanics, accurate modeling of weapons and characters, plausible (often historically accurate) weapon upgrades and character customisations. The inclusion of in-game assets such as mounted weapons and land, sea and air vehicles will see the reinvigoration of true all out infantry and vehicle warfare.

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